Hello, there! My name is Hunter. I’m a writer and editor for publications like TheYoungFolks, HeartEyes Magazine, and Spectrum Culture. I’ve devoted this website to giving my opinion on a wide variety of art and entertainment—mainly music, but movies and games as well. The schedule I try to run on is as follows:

Mon. — Single review blog post + vinyl record review on my Instagram

Tues. — Weekly, twenty-song playlist released on my social media

Wed. — Featured blog post, i.e. series, interviews, or one-off editorial pieces.

Thurs. — Nothing

Fri. — Album review blog post

Sat. — Youtube video on my Youtube (W.I.P.)

Sun. — Nothing

…and Tiktoks throughout the week, whenever I have the time.

No money is currently being made from any of this, but my goal is to grow enough for that to be a possibility. If you’re reading this, please follow my social media accounts, which are all linked at the bottom of my blog pages. You can also just search Huntingitdown just about anywhere and it’ll take you there. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy your stay!