Emma Webb: 90s Playlist — Single Review

Reminiscing is natural—everyone does it. Likewise, even though what we cherish changes with each person, many themes tend to stay the same: friends, family, trips, and more. And as many young Millennials and old Zoomers would reinforce, what could be more nostalgic than a fun and calm 90s playlist? According to Emma Webb, nothing, as she taps into these shared memories of fun with friends, driving, and music on her new folk-pop single*, “90s Playlist.”

*Now a part of her new EP, Best Friend EP (2021)

In a very early-Taylor Swift way, Emma Webb’s songwriting strengths rely on implanting memories and stories into the audience’s head. From the very first “Do you remember,” narratives are being spun in every direction, explaining the intricate details of her relationship with an unidentified “other.” With echoing acoustic guitars in every direction, her description of the simple life with this person—”We forgot all else but this/Us and a 90s playlist”—is guaranteed to hit the softest part of your soul, and perhaps grant you your own 90s playlist.

Though not the flashiest of songs, “90s Playlist” hits the key points of any home-y folk-pop jam: it’s smooth, it’s cute, and it’s emotional. Spawning feelings similar to that 90s playlist itself, it feels like you’re living through a distant memory, and I suppose in some ways you are. Thanks to Webb’s honest, confident songwriting and soothing, charming voice make “90s Playlist” a track to remember.

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