Elseebub: Counting Blessings — Single Review

Elseebub’s new track, “Counting Blessings,” is a peppy but self-aware indie pop jam with additional hints of folk and new wave. The calming guitars that get the song started soon become lost in a composition full of a electronic effects and steady beats that take it to a bouncy, poppier state during most of the verses. But it never forgets to reel you back in, taking brief, folky pauses with emotive, intense, echoey vocals that really feel like the core of the track’s message and mood.

The first side of the track highlights its positivity and the idea of pushing forward in your life, where the second piece forces you to remember the more genuine realities of your past. The duality can be seen simply through the lyrics that come through during these individual moments. Lines like “I tallied up my naughties and my nice for this year / Only to keep track not keep score” contrast against “If you could feel what I feel / This day of mine wouldn’t be so lonely.” They’re also representations of two vastly different sonic spectrums. Reaching out to both newer millennial pop groups, and older, more R.E.M.-era indie, it touches on many aspects of music’s past forty years. And in both instances, it puts its own touches on what may have inspired it.

“Counting Blessings” is in its own weird realm of emotions, balancing multiple musical styles, messages, and moods, but it does so effectively and with a comforting realism that doesn’t sound overproduced or overthought. If you’re a fan of indie pop or relatable lyricism, this is for you.

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