Tommy Newport: Yellow Lines — Single Review

Tommy Newport is a young, rising indie pop artist whose live performances have specifically gained attention, and brought several of his singles to millions of streams. His music has been featured across a variety of TV shows and commercials—and it’s easy to see why. His groovy, 80s-esque dance pop is energetic and contagious, and “Yellow Lines” is no different.

“Yellow Lines” is a quick, lively pop track with a funky bass line and psychedelic guitar layering that are impossible not to enjoy. While there’s nothing too complex about the song, the short, two minute runtime means the sound never overstays its welcome. The lyrics deal with a driver attempting to stay awake on the road, and not cross the “yellow line”—a metaphor for going through life, struggling to maintain your focus. The idea is centered around the line “All you want is a state of mind / that keeps you hovering / across this yellow line.” And believe me, if you put this on, it’ll give you the jolt of energy necessary to keep on driving.

Its brevity makes it difficult to delve into too deeply, but it accomplishes its goal—creating a fun, catchy, and infectious rhythm that’ll be stuck in your head for days. And unlike a lot of similar tracks, the content it discusses isn’t entirely empty of meaning. If you like dance pop, 80s pop, or smooth and trippy guitars, this song is definitely for you.

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