Julia Bhatt: Bird Girl (2020) — Single Review

It’s not crazy to say Julia Bhatt is one of the younger indie stars out there, just graduating from high school earlier this year, and already coming out with four successful singles. But what’s more impressive than that is the diversity she’s shown us within those singles; and this continues to expand with her upcoming release, “Bird Girl.”

Julia Bhatt

While all of her available songs fall under the umbrella of “indie-pop,” that label doesn’t illustrate the true variation in her short collection. Her first ever single, “Tall,” was full of bright, almost-tropical guitars, escalating to a driving percussive ensemble during the chorus. The following single, “Marco,” is her most popular to date, and it’s easy to see why. The relaxed tempo and “wah wah” of the bass lay down a hypnotic instrumental that allows for her vocal and lyrical performances to shine through. “I’m Cool” is full of joyous swagger, twang, and upbeat claps. Finally, her most recent release, “Miami,” is another exploration of the tropical themes established before, but provides a much more beach-focused vibe, reminiscent of indie giants like Best Coast. When you look at each song, they’re clearly separate and full of their own flavor, which isn’t always the case with new artists.

“Bird Girl” enters with echoing, claustrophobic guitars that just shout “bedroom pop.” But unlike typical bedroom pop jams, it maintains a quick and energetic tempo throughout its playtime. Matching this energy is Bhatt’s confident, soulful vocals. Like “I’m Cool,” it’s a song that owns itself; this time, about gaining independence and letting the “world watch [her] go.” Supporting this strong track is a subtle-but-funky bass; which, to me, is the piece that brings it all together. Without the bass, it’s not very flashy, but with the bass, it’s danceable, it’s enjoyable, and it’s an overall great time. At the end of the day, it’s yet another assertive cut for Bhatt’s growing library of music. “Bird Girl” released this August 28th.

Check out her Spotify profile here:

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