Near Death Experience: Moves (2020) – Single Review

Near Death Experience is a London-based indie-rock group whose single, “Conquer,” I reviewed earlier this summer. The track was an interesting collaboration of modern rock sounds, from folk, to psychedelia, and the vocal delivery from frontman, Ian Whiteling was as diverse as the instrumental. This time they’ve come back with a much longer, and simpler cut, “Moves.”

Conquer Single Artwork 1

Read the review of their first single here.

Stylistically, “Moves” is much more focused. The twangy guitars steal the show in front of a more subtle bass line to highlight a country-based sound. The rock and roll pieces are still there, but rarely do we see the bit of darkness we were given during parts of their past track, “Conquer.” Instead, it stays relatively straightforward, adding tiny variations on the initial verse as it develops further.

It still provides the energy necessary to be both catchy and fun, but it does not seem as unique as their previous release. Because it stays more leveled and linear, the only diversity we’re given is in Ian’s raspy vocal delivery, and a short guitar solo toward the beginning. Aside from that, it’s very same-y, which wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t over four minutes long. It’s a nice and enjoyable song, but looking forward, it’d be nice to see more evolution in their song structure, as well as even more genre-bending, like what were given from them earlier this summer.

The track released just earlier today, have a listen:

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