Lime Juice: Quietude (2019) – Single Review

Sprouting from Italy, Lime Juice are another indie rock band with a unique perspective on the genre. As the cover art would suggest, their most recent EP, Gardenia (2019), is very rooted in ’70s influences, particularly psychedelic rock. Their sound is very guitar-driven, and relatively complex at times, with several sections highlighting their technical prowess along with their smooth sound. All of this is very prevalent on the track, “Quietude.”

She Tried - YouTube

Cover art for EP, Gardenia.

The track starts off with a group of slow, echoey guitars and bass. The various parts fuse together into what sounds like a tidal wave of euphoria. Though not incredibly differentiated from the rest of psychedelia, it’s an enjoyable introduction into the song. Once the first verse ends, however, it turns into a prog rock jam instead. The tempo increases, a specific guitar pops out from the rest, shredding a solo, as does a keyboard. Along the way, we’re also given a subtle, high-pitched whirring that creates a wind tunnel in your brain. This section ends up sounding more like a Yes or Rush track, than a strictly-psychedelic track, losing a bit of its simplicity for a bit more fun.

The vocal delivery is often drawn out, matching the slow tempo of the song. This meshes it with the silky guitars, rather than projecting over it. In this way, it takes more of an instrumental role than a traditional lyrical one, though the lyrics are fine in their own right. It simply adds more to what’s already in the background.

From the subtle introduction, through the energetic center, back to the somber finish, “Quietude” is a perfect example of the ’70s returning. In a lot of ways, it develops like the decade did, beginning with a very psychedelic piece of music, focusing more on inventive solos, and eventually returning to the smooth sound that started it all. If you enjoy older rock, or relaxation in general, this is a track for you.

Listen to “Quietude” here:

Also check out their cover of Brian Wilson’s “Love and Mercy.” It was made in collaboration with other independent Italian artists, to help fund-raise for the Black Lives Matter movement. Also, please just support the Black Lives Matter movement.

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