Danny Smart: She’s Mine (2020) – Single Review

Danny Smart is a new, young, country star, fresh out of South Yorkshire, United Kingdom, and is already doing his best to revive some old blues. His simple-but-attention-grabbing melodies, upon just a first listen, will be stuck in your head for days, until you’re ready for more.

Watch Danny’s lyric video here.

“She’s Mine” is a track full of fun, bounce, and twang; enough to get you out of bed, and make you dance a little. The subtle intro of acoustic guitar is quickly met with several other guitar layers; these, a bit more energetic and fluctuating. Then, with this newly-found brightness, Danny takes no unnecessary time before jumping in with his rugged vocals.

The song, unsurprisingly, is about Danny’s relationship with a woman. Hopping between a variety of sweet-but-lustful verses, he paints a picture of someone a little rebellious, and it’s clear he loves it. Whether through placing her legs in the snow, or failing to treat him right, she shows off her willingness to be herself. Though it’s simple, the songwriting and lyricism here are effective for what they do; creating a really catchy, bluesy track, reminiscent of a half-century ago.

The track, as a whole, flows really well. It speeds by quick, in just over two minutes, but that’s probably for the best, as it lacks any large transition. That being said, its production is fantastic, its structure is well-crafted, and it doesn’t try very hard. If it weren’t for the hi-fidelity qualities, it could be thrown back sixty or seventy years, and masquerade perfectly as a lively ballad. But with its 21st-century production, it actually reminds me of a couple tracks on Green Day’s newest record, Father of All… (2020). The country-style vocals, mixed with a slight fuzziness sound really close to Billie’s voice on that album. And the heavily-layered instrumental doesn’t fall very far from it either.

In the end, Danny managed to put out a quality, country-rock track that many people can relate to, and have a good time with. If you’re someone who loves old, country-infused music, there’s no doubt you’ll find at least a bit of enjoyment in this one.

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